Why isn’t the door from the corridor to the space open at all hours?

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At present, the sliding doors that are dedicated to 24-hour study access after staffed hours of operation are closed for the following reasons:

  1. Personal Security. The main entrance-exit is monitored during staffed hours.
  2. Approachability. Visitors to the Library will have greater awareness of accessibility to library personnel and services entering the current main entrance/exit.
  3. Previous Feedback. The University Library originally had a dedicated entrance and exit.

    The past feedback that we received was, “Why can’t I exit the doors I entered?” As we adjusted services and reconfigured space, we were able to accommodate this longstanding request.
  4. Assessment. Each access point has counters that permit us to gauge the number of bodies passing through them. Quantifiable assessment is made possible with the current access configuration.

With all these things considered, it is not to say that things will not change as we continue to learn more about how to best manage the space to ensure collection and personal security.